Making the dream become a reality.

Our Mission

Our Mission, Vision and Values

The aim of HFF is to build a safe, family friendly, drug-free community where property ownership is possible even in difficult economic situations. Each member of HFF brings a different life experience and expertise to the foundation, forming a team with the vision to see the hardships and homelessness of these forgotten families come to an end.

The clear mission of Hawaii's Forgotten Families Foundation is to locate and house every homeless child with working parent(s) capable of taking responsibility for their own household. Their goal of closing the homeless gap on this very important, yet ofen overlooked, segment of Oahu’s growing homeless population is not only attainable, but long overdue. With the right team in place, and the support of City Hall and local communities, this dream of ending Hawaii's forgotten families can become a reality.

To accomplish this worthy endeavor, the Foundation has committed to dedicating their time, knowledge, expertise, and resources to finding a solution, and has started the planning for their first project: a community subdivision specifically designed for low-income, minimum wage families with small children. Not only will this provide struggling families with a house of their own to shelter and protect their young ones from the elements, but it will also provide a path to restoring financial stability and property ownership and allow the opportunity to not only build a home for their family, but to create a community and model for other forgotten families all over America.